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Python/Django problems

Looking back, it seems like the only time I write in Live Journal is when I'm hating my job. Today it is Python/Django. At least I'm getting a response from jad. Hope I can get it working soon. I would really like to start trying to program!


work sucks, part 2

We decided to delete some fields from one of our files this year. Note to self: Before changing the format and length to delete a field, sweep the file and delete the values in the field. I'm trying to delete records and getting a 3055 error: Conversion not possible. Arrrggghhh. This sucks.

friend moving

One of my bus buddies just told me she and her husband are moving back to Portland, Oregon. I'm happy for her, because she loves Portland, but sad for me. I hate losing a friend. I know we say we will keep in touch, but I rarely do, once someone is not close. I'm trying to get her on Facebook. We'll see.

Writer's Block: Redo

I would have been born to incredibly rich parents!!

Work sucks

I've been trying to run a batch job now for the past 3 days, and apparently the initiators have been disabled for much of the time. I don't know why some jobs submitted after mine have run, and mine continues to sit on the queue. I was supposed to have this run last week, but no luck. Tim taught me how to change the class of a job on the queue from 4 to V, but the V jobs are all backed up. How are we supposed to work when our tools don't work. Sucks!

Playing dress up

Tried to dress up a little today (wore a skirt -- and it's Friday!!). All I got for my trouble was a blister on my little toe. Ouch!
Dan is doing better today. He's in a pretty good mood, and so am I. Getting a good night's sleep has made the world seem rosier all around!

Surgery sucks!

I've been tending my newish husband after cardiac bypass surgery, and it hasn't been easy.  Between going to the pharmacy for various medications and the grocery store for food and helping him get in and out of bed and helping him get to the bathroom, and keeping up with breakfast, lunch, dinner, dirty clothes, changing the sheets on the bed, getting him things to eat and things to drink, and putting up with his foul mood (which I think is completely normal, just not fun to be the brunt of), I'm wiped.

I ended up going to Walmart the other night at 2:30 to get him some OTC medicine, and I was so hoping no one was there to take my picture for the website People of Walmart.  I looked about as bad as I think it is possible for me to look, but didn't really care. 

But things are getting easier than they were the first week or so, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It won't be long before my sweet, generous husband is back.

Aug. 27th, 2009

I'm trying to add jQuery to my website so we can do front-end audits without doing broker calls.  I'm so confused about jQuery. 

camping in Texas in August

This is not a good idea.  3 hours at Inks Lake, and I was miserable.  Glad to go home, where it was air conditioned.  I wonder how I lived when I was a kid.  And I wonder how my mother stood ironing in an unairconditioned house.  THAT must have been miserable!